Welcome to My Scandiribbean Kitchen!

This started out as a blog where I (slowly) was putting our collection of recipies together. And I’m far from finished! A blog needs a name, and we decided to call it Evalena’s Scandiribbean Kitchen.

Scandiribbean, in case you haven’t guessed, is a play on the words Scandinavian and Caribbean – fusing our cultural and culinary backgrounds together. The strap line as you have probably noticed is “Flamboyant Fusion Food and Creative Compromise Cuisine”. That means that our kitchen offers something for a spice wuss who likes spice but cannot handle anything too hot. That would be me then. But it must also satisfy those who like to have their teeth kicked in and their tongues bitten off by their food. That would be John and the rest of the family.

Apart from the recipes, I also try to blog about typical Scandinavian and Caribbean ingredients, what they are and how they are used. The blog gets a few hundred visitors each day, and other bloggers are linking to our Kitchen, showing a great interest in this type of cooking.

Shortly after the blog was launched we began to receive e-mails from people who couldn’t seem to find some of the ingredients used in the recipes. Living in East London, it is easy to forget that not every corner of Britain, or indeed the rest of the world, is as well stocked; but we like to offer solutions to all problems. We first introduced Caribbean food products in our eBay shop and were pleasantly surprised to see how popular they were. Then we launched our own web shop, Scandiribbean.com, where we could offer the same selection of products at a better price since there were no listing fees or percentage of total sales to pay to a third party. As a special treat, we also added a range of our own products, from spices and seasoning to various kitchen utensils etc.

Unfortunately, ill health put a stop to our work, and our web shop is currently closed. We are also not uploading new recipes with the same regularity as we used to. We still feel that this blog meets a demand, though, so we will continue to add posts and products whenever we can, and we will always do our best to make sure to source and send anything our readers need. Just ask and we’ll do what we can.

By now you might have guessed that we just love food? That’s it! We love eating it, cooking it, talking about it, watching other people cooking it etc etc etc. I hope this will be a place where you can find inspiration and learn new ways to cook.¬†Please don’t look at any of the recipes as being carved in stone. Unlike baking, cooking is not really about recipes at all – it’s about flavours and about tickling the senses. For me the recipes are about inspiration, not about what finally goes in the pot. So get creative out there and let me know of any improvements you’ve made.

Much love and bon appetit!


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