About Scandiribbean.com

Evalena’s Scandiribbean Kitchen is the name of this blog, but it is also the name of our newly opened web shop at scandiribbean.com. Shortly after this blog was launched we began to receive e-mails from people who couldn’t seem to find some of the ingredients used in the recipes. Living in East London, it is easy to forget that not every corner of Britain, or indeed the rest of the world, is as well stocked, but we like to offer solutions to all problems.

At first, we introduced Caribbean food products in our eBay shop and were pleasantly surprised to see how popular they were. We are now in the process of setting up our own web shop Scandiribbean.comwhere we will be able to offer the same selection of products at a better price since there will be no listing fees or percentage of total sales to pay to a third party. As a special treat, we will also add a range of our own products, from spices and seasoning to sauce and frozen food.

We are getting more and more requests for catering and take aways, so keep your eyes peeled to this blog and you’ll be the first to know if and when we have worked up the courage to take that plunge… =)

When you buy products from us, you contribute to the important work we do. Through Evalena’s Scandiribbean Kitchen we can offer people work experience and work based learning opportunities. And for each pound you spend in the shop, at least 20p goes straight to our non-profit organisation Atkins Acorns where your money helps to pay for outreach projects designed to bridge the gaps between people of different age, race, culture, ability etc in our community.

Together we can make a difference!

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