About Evalena

My name is Evalena Styf. I was born in Sundsvall, Sweden, in 1966 and I’m a mother, wifey, sister, daughter, co-founder of Atkins Academy, Atkins Associates and Atkins Acorns, tutor, communicator, networker, author, blogger and creative genius. To mention but a few of my roles.

A single mother of five, I moved to London with my children in 2005. Here I met John Atkins, the man I have promised to spend the next 27 years of my life with. Through John I also found my purpose in life. Together we have three companies, ten kids and social network that spans the world. I truly believe my whole life has been one long journey to get here, and that I have been blessed as I get to touch so many peoples’s lives through what I do.

If you want to know more about what, exactly, it is that I do, you can read more on the About the Atkins Family page. You can also find me on facebookor follow me on twitter. Or just drop me an e-mail at evalena@atkinsltd.co.uk

Cheers for now,


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