50.000 visitors can’t be wrong…

Amazingly, we have just had our 50.000 visitor here in my kitchen and over the weekend we celebrated the occasion by giving the site a long overdue, and well deserved, redecoration. We hope you guys will like it just as much as we do.

Evalena’s Scandiribbean Kitchen started in May 2008 as a desperate attempt to find a way of storing my recipes so that I would always know where to find them. And to clear up some space in my shoe box size flat. Within a week, the blog had been visited by over a 100 people, and I couldn’t believe my eyes when every time I logged on the statistics had gone up even more.

John and I are passionate about food. We love to eat it, cook it, talk about it and share our passion with other people, but we never imagined a blog about our food would be this popular. We would like to say our humblest thanks to each and every one of you and we promise we’ll try to add new recipes and information about special ingredients more often. As a special treat, we will also be launching our Scandiribbean food shop soon!

Happy cooking and bon appetit!


2 thoughts on “50.000 visitors can’t be wrong…

  1. Så där ja, då var min gåneriviktperiod över innan den ens startat riktigt. Hittade hit i dag och jag kan bara säga TJOHO!!!! Nu blir det kockning på hög nivå.
    Tusen milijoner kramar från Eva

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