Salted Cod

For centuries, curing with salt was a method of preserving fish and meat. Since the time of the Vikings, salted and dried cod from the North Atlantic has been shipped around the world. Because it was cheap and could last for months or even years without spoiling, salt cod became popular in many areas of the world.

Salt cod is available all year, but it’s not cheap anymore. Most of the world supply is caught in the north Atlantic ocean, mainly off New England, Canada, and Iceland. However, decades of overfishing have brought the Atlantic cod stocks near to collapse, and it may take many years for them to recover. Some processors have switched to the still relatively abundant Pacific cod, but prices for salt cod, which have risen three to fourfold over the last two decades, are likely to remain high.

If you can’t find salted cod in your local shops, give us a call or pop in to the Ya Man! Shop to stock up and try out some of our salt cod recipes.


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