The Ackee is the poisonous, pear-shaped fruit of the Ackee tree. When it ripens, it turns from green to a bright red to yellow-orange, and splits open to reveal three large, shiny black seeds, surrounded by soft, creamy or spongy, white to yellow flesh.

It is only the fleshy arils around the seeds that are edible; and only after the fruit has opened naturally. The remainder of the fruit and seeds are poisonous, and even the edible bits are inedible when immaturre and overripe.

Luckily, we don’t have to worry about when to pick the fruit as we can buy it canned. Most famously used in Ackee & Saltfish, the ackee is a common breakfast dish in Jamaica. That might make more sense to you if I tell you the fruit has the texture of scrambled eggs although with its own taste.

If you can’t find ackee in your local shops, give us a call or check out the Ya Man! Shop and we’ll help you stock up.


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