Sarsaparilla is a perennial trailing vine with prickly stems native to tropical America and the West Indies. It is also the name of a drink made from the roots of the vine.

The people in the West Indies (used to) believe that Sarsaparilla had numerous medical benefits. My Man swears by it, and I must admit I drink at least a glass a day myself. We go through a couple of bottles a week in this house.

You mix it with water and drink it like squash. It tastes a little like root beer, or coke, but without the bubbles. It’s absolutely gorgeous served chilled, but can also be heated (not boiled) and served with a few drops of alcohol (vodka or whiskey) on a day when something strengthening is needed… šŸ˜‰

I also use Sarsaparilla in sweet marinades and glaze for BBQ chicken or pork.

If you can’t find Sarsparilla in your local shops, you can always pop in to Ya Man! or give us a call and we’ll help you stock up.


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